Magics staff app

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Magics staff app

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Your IGN: Magic

Steam ID ( STEAM_0:1:541685007

In-game time (!time): 11hrs

Are you staff on other servers Currently?(if yes, what servers):
Staff Endorsements: N/A

Have you donated / willing to donate?: Possibly in the future but not atm

Define & Give an example of RDM: Rdm = Random deathmatch (Killing Another player without rp reason/ Killing A Player That Killed You because your upset that you died/summary: killing player with no legitimate reason(say I get pissed and killed someone for making me mad that would be rdm)
Define & Give an example of CDM: cdm in a simple concept is Rdm but using a car (Ex: Me running someone over for no reason at all just to do it)

Define & Give an example of RDA: when a cop/swat/or any other class as a goverment arrests someone for no legit reason ( Ex: I See Someone Sitting Outside I walk up and arrest them)

Define & Give an example of NLR: you must not return to the place you died and either kill or arrest someone YOU MUST WAIT THE TIME OF NLR! You don't remember your past life (Ex: My base being raided i go back and kill them after they killed me)

If you see a Donator RDM, what do you do?: Well i Would Either Grab Them On The Spot Or Wait For A Sit To Be Called

If you see a fellow staff member RDM, what do you do?: Since they should know the rules i'd warn them if a sit is called

A cop goes upto a player and arrests them for "being too black", what do you do? Warn the Cp For racism/rda

Please give a short essay on why you would like to be staff (100 words): It Would Be A Pleasure To be Staff For More Experience And To Help Out With The Rulebreakers. Im Pretty much up all night unless i have stuff to do if not ill be on the server helping out as much as i can with everything. The Experience will help the last server i was staff on i was the only active one with no training. The Training Will Help With My memory a bit and Give Me More concept into how staff works and what it takes to be one. Also i think i could get along with the other staff members i have been recently with most of them.

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Re: Magics staff app

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+1 nice guy and fun to mess around with. He seems to know the rules well. I think you would be a good addition to the staff team. Good luck ;)

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Re: Magics staff app

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Staff apps currently closed will keep on hand for once open.


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