qubbert's Staff App

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qubbert's Staff App

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Your IGN:qubbert

Steam ID (steamid.io):STEAM_0:1:556874613

In-game time (!time):1D 10h

Are you staff on other servers Currently?(if yes, what servers): No

Staff Endorsements: No

Have you donated / willing to donate?: Yes and I will love to donate more.

Define & Give an example of RDM: Random Deathmatch

Define & Give an example of CDM: Car Deathmatch

Define & Give an example of RDA: Random Arrest

Define & Give an example of NLR: New Life Rule

If you see a Donator RDM, what do you do?: Pull him to the side and ask for a good reason why he did that

If you see a fellow staff member RDM, what do you do?: Clip it then ask him why he did it, if no good reason then send the clip to a higher up

A cop goes upto a player and arrests them for "being too black", what do you do? Pull him to the side for racism

Please give a short essay on why you would like to be staff (100 words): I think I would be a good addition to your staff because I would always do my job right and not abuse my power. I will try to take every ticket I can when on staff on duty. I have experienced staff on many other gmod servers and I know how to deal with situations. If I need help with a sit or a problem I will ask of a higher-up to assist me. If I am in a sit I will let them tell each side of there stories and ask them if they have video proof. I really like your server and think it is the best one out there. I would love to improve it and help out. I am on every day I can be and will spend as much time as I can on your amazing server.

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Re: qubbert's Staff App

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+1 Great person, know the rules very well, and follows them well. He just a good staff overall.

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Re: qubbert's Staff App

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Welom abord partnr


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